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Nut mousse
Cointreau flavoured white Ganache
Pistachio flavoured Marzipan
Praline Cinnamon, milk chocolate
Praline with walnuts
Prunes in Armagnac flavoured Marzipan
Cherry Kirsch
Marzipan coated Chocolate
Mandarin flavoured fruit paste
Bitter Ganache TANZANIE & White Ganache
GIANDUJA with Hazelnut & Caramelized Hazelnut
Orange flavoured Marzipan
Gianduja hazelnut
Praline with cinnamon
Praline with almonds and Hazelnuts
Coffee and cognac flavoured Ganache
Wisky flavoured Ganache
Natural Ganache St Domingue
Praline with Hazelnuts
Praline with Hazelnuts
Praline with almonds and Hazelnuts
Praline with almonds and Hazelnuts
Almonds milk & Cherries flavoured Ganache
Caramel Rhum and Grapes flavoured Ganache
Grapes & Cognac flavoured Marzipan
Pistachio flavoured Ganache
Candied Ginger
Crystallized lemon peelin
Crystallized orange peelin
12 flavors with liquor& 2 flavors without alcohol
10 flavors
Almond Caramelized Stick
Almond Caramelized Stick
Chicory flavoured Ganache
Chestnuts Cream
Nuts and Cofee flavoured Marzipan
Praline with Hazelnut & Salted Butter Caramel
Aniseed flavoured Ganache
Nougat from Montélimar
Gianduja Orange 
Praline with Pecans
Ginger flavoured Ganache
Praline with feuilletine marzipan and walnuts
Praline with lemon and coriander
Palet or & Raspberry fruit paste
Coffee flavoured Ganache
Praline with Coffe flavoured Ganache
Pink Grapefruit flavoured white Ganache
Violet flavoured Ganache
Praline Hazelnuts with pieces of dried fruits : passion fruit, banana, coconut, pineapple
Hibiscus flavoured Ganache
Fig flavoured Ganache
Peaches Apricots Saffron Ganache
Passion fruit flavoured Ganache
Sichuan Pepper flavoured Ganache
Crunchy Praline
Fresh Mint flavoured Ganache
Praline with cocoa crane
Nougat flavoured Ganache
Hazel flavoured Ganache
Ceps Praline
Jasmine flavoured Ganache
Thyme flavoured Ganache
Basil flavoured ganache
Espelette Pepper flavoured ganache
Rose petal flavoured Ganache
Gingerbread flavoured Ganache
Bergamot flavoured Ganache
Verbena flavoured Ganache
Lavender flavoured Ganache
Praline with pistachio
Praline with nougatine & sesame
Isisa Olive Oil flavoured white Ganache
Banana flavoured Ganache
GIANDUJA Nougatine with cocoa crane & Vanilla flavoured Ganache
Old Fashion Praline
Praline with crisped rice
Praline with Caramel with pieces of biscuits
Praline with smooth almonds60/40 & praline with grain almond
Praline with pine nuts
Praline with peanuts
Honey flavoured Ganache
Praline with hazelnuts & Fruit paste pineapple
Tahiti Vanilla Flavoured Ganache
Praline with "Gros grain"
Coconuts flavoured Ganache
Praline with Caramel with pieces of biscuits
GIANDUJA Feuilletine
GIANDUJA Feuilletine
Praline with Almonds Hazelnts and Nougat chips
Praline with Almonds Hazelnts and Nougat chips
Coconuts flavoured Ganache
Praline with Spéculoos chips
Praline with Isigny Caramel chips
GIANDUJA with blueberries
Cocoa crane flavoured Ganache
Green tea LI-CHUANG flavoured Ganache
Earl Grey Tea Flavoured Ganache
Bruno Meyer's Specialty - Raspberry flavoured Ganache
Bitter Ganache "San Maxana"
Vanilla, Cinnamon Flavoured Ganache
Barre Chocolat Caramel
Ganache Baileys
Ganache Confiture Lait
Ganache Reine des Prés
Ganache Vanille Gianduja
Ganache Yaourt
Pâte d'amande Cranberry
Pâte d'amande Marron
Praliné Noix de Cajou
Praliné Pop Corn
Praliné Nougatine Safran
Bloc praliné et morceaux de nougat enrobé de gianduja